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12 September 2011 @ 02:09 am
Sooo, went to London on September 10th. Started off by going to Forever21 at Bond St. Bought a cute loose top.
Went to Selfridges after and had YO! Sushi for lunch with mama. Hung around for a while, went to Chinatown then Japan Centre and met up with Malu. Stopped off at Starbucks, followed by bubble tea, met up with Bridge(tte) and started to head to Thames Festival.

Boy was TF crowded. Especially the Korea Calling section. SO many Kpop fans man! If Cube don't hold the concert in November they are mad!!

Bought a BEAST photobook for £13 and came with free poster and photocards. Poster was Fiction and Fact limited edition, which I already have, but I guess it's an extra one I could put up in my room at uni :D
I signed this enormous balloon ball thing and not long after grabbed a balloon and wrote "FOLLOW @B2STUK ON TWITTER" all over it and did some shameless promoting/advertising. Took some pics with cardboard cutouts of BEAST (teehee) and said my farewells to Malu and Bridge. Was rather sad since Malu is going to uni in Scotland D: -lesigh-

Not long after I said my goodbyes, I hung around the Cube marquee and lady from Cube noticed my balloon and started asking me a few questions, sort of like a mini interview/chat and she took some pictures of me. She told me I looked very cute x) She took my email and I left with her business card :D

Hung around in the drizzling rain for a bit holding my balloon up until Emily recognised me and called out to me! She also had an umbrella which I could hide under :D haha. Was soooo nice to finally meet her and I just hung out with her and her friends for the rest of the evening.

From 18:30-19:30 they played Kpop songs on the big stage with dancers coming out every so often and everyone in the crowd just danced and sang along like it was a festival :) Everyone got super hyped when SHOCK by BEAST came on.

I also noticed how when Tok Tok by Mighty Mouth came on, everyone was like, WTF is this? Just goes to show how everyone listens to mainstream Kpop and not actually take notice of K hiphop and underground stuff.

After that, I walked back with Emily and her friends to the station and we parted ways. The event was totally enjoyable :) I really hope the response was big enough for Cube to decide to go ahead with the Cube United Concert in November. I would LOVE to see BEAST live :')
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01 September 2011 @ 07:06 pm

Yeah I know I haven't updated in ages, but who gives a fuck? NOT MEE!!

Been concentrating on A-levels, results which I'm pretty pleased with, apart from French. Whichever examiner decided to mark my oral I hope my BFFL the bitch who is Karma comes and bites you hard up the arse.
Nonetheless, I got into my uni of first choice =D So I'm happy about that.
However, because I want to switch from Japanese to Chinese, I have to wait until AFTER enrolment now and even then it's subject to availability, so I might not be able to switch, but I'M HOPING I WILL D<

Also the student finance service in this country is so messed up. I have to pay for the first term of my accomodation at least before the day I move in but student finance don't actually give me the money until the day I start uni, which is the day after I move in. WHUTTTT?! 8|
Just sucks and is a joke. Plus they divide the maintenance loan into 3 equal payments, but the first term requires more money than like the 2nd or something. How fucked up -.-

And I have yet to still buy things for university aiyahhhhhhh~

Been talking to this guy recently, who will be going to the same university as me. I really like him. Haven't properly met him yet, but he's really sweet x) I hope we get roomed near each other :3 Or even better... flatmates 8D But my life isn't that lucky... Dx

Anyways, need to finish my Dad's website which I promised to make before I go off to uni.

And why is this blog titled "Gotta be starting something..." ? BECAUSE I NEED TO START DOING A LOT OF SHIT WHICH I HAVEN'T DONE AND AM RUNNING OUT OF TIME. RAWR.
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16 June 2011 @ 12:41 am
Oooh LJ has changed a bit since I last posted haha XD Well I'm in the middle of my exams now. Had C4 maths on Monday and I have French tomorrow, C3 maths on Monday finishing with music next Thursday. Can't wait for all of them to be OVER! 8D
C4 went quite well, I was so chuffed to find out I could answer a question that the two math boffins in my year couldn't answer XD
Hoping this luck can continue on to all my other exams. Really want my grades so I can go to SOAS!
I know I've always had this dilemma of choosing between doing Japanese or Chinese at university. I've applied to do Japanese and totally had my heart set on doing it, but my parents just keep telling me it's the wrong decision and that I should do Chinese.
Well, my heart says Japanese but my head says Chinese. I just keep getting these signs telling me to do Chinese and to be honest, it is THE language of Asia to know, especially if I want to do business. So it looks like I might be switching to Chinese :\ Been spending loads of time on Twitter in recent months. Tweet so much more often now. It's fun :D I hardly post on Facebook haha. Only use it to keep up to date with all the Kpop hype in the UK. It's really growing now. I went to a Kpop event earlier this month at the Korean Cultural Centre in London. They were having a singing contest held with YG Entertainment, the winner got return flights to Korea and the chance to visit the YG Ent. building. My friend was performing as one of the 5 finalists, she was just pipped to the post so came runner up. But she sang amazingly and I'm so proud of her for that :D

At the moment the KCC and Kpop Team are in talks with YG and are planning to bring artists to perform at the Thames Festival in London in September. I so hope this can happen.
Royal Pirates will be having their first proper public gig on Friday in LA! I'm so excited and happy for them! I hope it goes successfully for them. Does this mean a debut is drawing near? Well, SY has been saying how he'll be missing the CA beaches and James has been throwing a farewell/last birthday in CA for a while, party.

L to R: James, Moonchul, Sooyoon Ah I should get to bed now. Need to revise loads tomorrow @_@ I will update more after my exams. With stuff that's happened these last few months + plans for summer 8D
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28 January 2011 @ 12:02 am
In a happier mood these days :D
Compared to last post's episode >__>

Got the most AMAJJING package in the mail today :D
My SO BEAST Seasons Greeting 2011.
It has a planner, calendar, postcards and clear files.
The photoshoot pictures are gorgeous ♥

I have finished my January exams :D
Well, I only had one, which was mechanics and I studied insanely for.
I think the exam went quite well, so I'm hoping for a decent result :)

Got three interviews coming up! For Stanford, SOAS and Harvard.
Really scared, don't know what to except @~@ haha.

Made some Japanese penpals! I can practice constructing Japanese sentences and I'm really learning. They correct my mistakes and most of the time I understand the mistakes. It's mostly particles or order of words. Sometimes vocabulary or form of verbs haha. I think it will make good practice for when I study it at university :D

Oh yeah, I decided to cut all ties with a certain person the other day. Was getting fed up with them and they were causing me to stress.
I got mentally drained just from doing a 1.5 hour mechanics paper as when I had a piano lesson after, I just crumbled and couldn't play well.
Plus, I have an audition for a music competition this Sunday >__<

I'm building up good relationships with most of my Korean penpals :) We're really bonding. I've got some of them to join Facebook which I find is much easier to communicate with. Plus, I've started to make an effort to actually e-mail back haha. Last term I would only like reply once a month xP I was so bad. I've also sent gifts out to some of them. Which they really like. One of my friends, A-Rang really liked Galaxy chocolate I sent her. I think I'm gonna have to send her some with every gift I send her XD She's disappointed by how they don't sell them in S. Korea :P

So I've been thinking about what to do this summer. I think maybe either go to Japan and Korea, or the USA and travel from CA, to WI and then to NY (at the suggestion of Cristie lol)
I shall have to discuss with my parents :P
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12 January 2011 @ 12:35 am
 Everything has been late for me lately.

Go to bed late.
Period is late.
Handing in homework late.
Late writing this blog entry. I forgot to do review of the week for at least two weeks now I'm sure.

Not much has happened really anyway.
Just been feeling depressed and downright moody.
Everything that the people around me do just annoys me. And for no coherent reason.
I'm just getting frustrated at everything. Especially with people at home.
I have to force myself to try and be happy. It's horrible.
I think I'm just getting fed up with the people I'm around at the moment.
I guess the reason I enjoyed Oxford so much was that I got to meet new people and learn and discover new and interesting things.

Anyways, I've had to catch up on loads of work too, from when I was away at Oxford and from when I was "ill".
Hah, I wonder what people would think if the only reason I took time off school because I was "ill", was because I came close to getting an eating disorder :/

Eurgh. Better not let the mood get any more depressing.

So, I have lots of ideas of what I should do for my time between the last of my exams and the first day of university.
I'd definitely like to travel. I would really like to see my family in Thailand before I commit myself to the horrors of hard work at university with near little chance of travelling to Thailand during breaks. I also had the idea of travelling to Japan with a friend of mine (who's a year below me) who was also looking to apply to study Japanese at university. And I also want to visit South Korea, New York, Cali. Soo much I want to do!
Of course, I'm not going to be able to do all of this. So I guess I should start discussing with my parents?

Just thought... why do I bother writing on this blog? No one ever reads it.
But I guess there are those odd moments when I like to read back on my life. It all seems funny when reminiscing XD
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